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Toronto Redpath Sugar Dock

Sugar loading lock on the Queens Quay Toronto

I would think that this scene will disappear in the next few years to make room for some new development. It may not though seeing how important sugar is to our everyday lives (it’s in everything). This print was photographed from Sugar Beach and is 59 inches by 16 inches in it’s natural state. Below is a crop of the image showing the detail of the crane that unloads the large ships that come into Toronto loaded with sugar.


Ship At Queens Quay Toronto

Another angle from a previous shoot when there was a ship in dock.

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Carlton and Parliament Toronto

Intersection of Carlton and Parliament Toronto

Toronto is known for it’s towering condos, many of which can be see while driving along the Gardiner Expressway. The reality is that Toronto is a collection of┬áneighbourhoods and those neighbourhoods are what make the city great. Small pockets of cultural diversity allow one to visit the world within this great city. Intersections within the city can hold a special meaning to those who frequent it’s restaurants and stores. One of the many projects I am slowly working on is a body of work showing the intersections within the city. The above image is of Carlton and Parliament.

Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto

The Shangri-La hotel in Toronto is one of the newer luxury hotels the city has to offer. The challenge photographing this building was that the sun can really blow out the glass on the front so the shot had to be taken just as the sun was rising so there is a minimal amount of sun on the outer glass but enough natural light to show the details of the structure. In addition to this I wanted the flag blowing which of course requires a breeze coming from the north. I had set up at this location 4 or 5 times hoping for the right conditions and finally came up with the image above. This image and hundreds more can be seen on my main website