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More Queen Street West

Barton Floor Coverings on Queen Street West Toronto

I’ve always liked Barton’s storefront. It, like so many on Queen west has that old character that new stores just don’t have.

Black and white photographs of Queen Street West


Brothers Discount Store on Queen Street West

Brothers Discount store on Queen Street West Toronto TTC mural

I’ve been photographing buildings and storefronts on Queen Street west here in Toronto. The above photo is 30×10 inches and can be made much larger if a customer requests a larger print. The image shows the older store which is part of the community and the temporary pop up store in the background. There’s a lot of this going on all over the city. I’m using the techniques I’ve developed to get fine detail in these images which combined with a wide tonal range will produce a fine print.

More to come and there are new images of Queen Street Storefronts on my main website. -AB-

Toronto Storefronts

Computeron storefront Keele and Dundas Toronto

It is my understanding that these storefronts will be wrapped in scaffolding in the next couple days and renovated. Located at Keele and Dundas it will be interesting to see if they keep their character after the reno.

black and white prints of Toronto storefronts