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Department of Household Science Building

Department of Household Science building Toronto

As I have in other photographs with people in them, this image was composed and then I simply waited until the scene unfolds as I had envisioned it for the building. The right combination of no other people, no cars, lighting, which changes frequently during the waiting period and timing of the moving subject all contribute to the resulting photograph. In this case the wait time was about 45 minutes which seems to be typical.

If you’re walking around Toronto early in the morning and you catch the scent of pipe tobacco, take a look around, it may be me just waiting. -AB-


Gardiner Museum Toronto

Gardiner Museum Toronto

TheĀ Gardiner Museum in Toronto.

Seaton Butcher Shop on Queen Street

Seaton Butcher Shop on Queen Street Toronto

The Seaton Butcher Shop on Queen Street is one of my favourite store fronts in Toronto. It’s one of those locations that I have thought about photographing for years but for what ever reason never got around to it. This image will be posted on soon. -AB-

Osgoode Hall

Osgoode Hall Toronto black and white print

Osgoode Hall is a wonderful building that I have admired for years. In this photograph which was taken just before 6am the lights shining on the windows behind the pillars worked to my advantage as they would otherwise be shaded at that time of the morning. This print is available in a square format and a wider format. The wider version can be viewed on

Below is a photograph of the sculpture at Trinity Square in Toronto. I will be shooting again at this location in the next month or so.

Sculpture at Trinity Square