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Saint James And Tower

Saint James and Tower

This photograph, “Saint James and Tower” will be posted on soon. -AB-


Todmorden Mills

Todmorden Mills Toronto

The Todmorden Mills smoke stack can be seen from the Don Valley Parkway and is a Toronto landmark. This well know structure is surrounded by old buildings and pathways frequented by residents and visitors alike.

Canadian Bank of Commerce

Canadian Bank of Commerce on King Street in Toronto

Two years ago I photographed this building but at that time it had a City of Toronto garbage container in front with an advertisement for a real estate company on it. In my view the container ruined the look of this classic bank structure. Last summer (2010) this building was covered with scaffolding while repairs to the front of the building were being done. I know this because I stopped by numerous times to see if the work had been completed. I was pleased to see that this year the work has been completed and the garbage container is gone (at least for now) which created an ideal opportunity to once again photograph this great building on King Street in Toronto.

This image will be offered as a square print in different sizes and will soon be added to the gallery on -AB-

Behind Canada Life Building

behind canada life building TorontoThis photograph will be re shot in the next couple weeks with a ladder so I can get a little higher then the trees. In doing this more of the bridge will show. Also there are some spots of snow showing on the ground. Weather permitting I should be able to get the final image within a week.