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Sunnyside Pavilion Toronto

Sunnyside Pavilion Toronto

The Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion in Toronto can be seen from Lakeshore Drive. A favourite place for many Toronto residents to spend some time at the lakes edge and at the pool. With its wonderful architecture and facilities, Sunnyside is also a popular location for weddings and events. I believe this building was constructed in the late 1800’s. This photograph required a fair amount of thought during the composition process as the structure is quite wide and there is a limited amount of space in front of it. Click on the above image to see a larger version.





Strong Back Lighting

Black and white photography

I suppose this image would be considered an abstract with its crossing lines and strong backlighting from the sun. Taken on King Street here in Toronto.

I set out to get a photograph of the ladder on top of Roy Thomson hall. (below) It seems that some other items made their way into the picture as well.

Roy Thomson Hall Ladder

Duotone Photography Prints

Duotone photography prints

Part of the process I use in creating my black and white prints is creating a duotone file of the image I’m working with. The above photograph of the Quantex Technologies building shows what the image looks like in duotone. The original photograph had full detail in the trees that surround the building and as I frequently do I use a technique call burning which darkens the selected area. Burning to make parts of the photograph darker and dodging to make them lighter is a process that is used in the dark room while developing film. With digital images the process while different is similar in nature. While I don’t use Photoshop to manipulate images I do use the features that emulate the tools used in a dark room.

Three Pillars

Pillars on Front Street Toronto