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Urban Black and White Prints

The Bank Note Toronto

Leslieville Cheese Market TorontoI’ve been working on a series of store fronts in Toronto and have found some interesting and unique locations. When looking at the large version of this store my first question was “who wired this building?”.  More urban black and white photographs can be seen on my main website

Yonge and Queen Toronto

I have not posted here for a bit so here are a couple recent images.

Intersection of Yonge and Queen Humber Street Car Toronto

Humber Street Car

Commerce Court North Toronto

Commerce Court North

Toronto Carpet Factory Alleyway

Alleyway Toronto Carpet Factory

In Hand black and white print Toronto

In Hand Diamond

More pictures of Toronto can be viewed on

10 Toronto Street

10 Toronto Street black and white print

10 Toronto Street is yet another building that always seems to have a vehicle parked in front of it when I show up to photograph it. To my delight there were none on this visit and the light was ideal for shooting this Toronto landmark.

View many more Toronto landmarks at

Canary Restaurant Sign Toronto

Canary Restaurant sign Toronto

If you live in or around the Distillery District you will be familiar with the old Canary Restaurant which is no longer there. This photograph which was taken in 2005 is a small reminder of this unique little corner restaurant.

Another black and white photograph of the whole restaurant is in the gallery on

What’s your favourite sign in Toronto?

Roy Thomson Hall Print

Roy Thomson Hall Toronto

This photograph of Roy Thomson Hall will be added to the photo gallery on soon

Clock At The Distillery District

Clock in the Distillery District Toronto

I will be teaching another workshop on architecture photography at Pikto Studio in Toronto April 21st. Pikto is located in the Distillery District.

The above photograph shows the new method of framing I will be using from now on. Most of my prints have been matted with a charcoal mat. I will now be using a double mat, the inner one will be charcoal and the outer mat will be white. I will continue to use the same black wooden frames. It goes without saying that on the actual prints the copyright sign and website do not appear. My signature is below the image in the white space on the right hand side.

This image will be uploaded on soon.

Whitney Block

Whitney Block Toronto black and white print

Convocation Hall U of T

Convocation Hall U of T

Construction of Convocation Hall was completed in 1907. Some 105 years later I finally managed to photograph this beautiful building. I have visited this site on many occasions with the intention of shooting this building. There was always a banner of something that caused me to leave it for another day. On this day no obstructions and a balanced sky allowed this photograph to be taken.

More U of T photographs in black and white

Metropolitan Church Toronto

Metropolitan Church Toronto

Canada Malting Co.


This photograph of the Canada Malting Co building or should I say silos is a long exposure of 2.5 minutes. I used the longer exposure to smooth the water in front of the structure. More Toronto architecture pictures can be seen at

Haunted Window

Haunted Window II

Sometime around 2005 I photographed an abandoned house in Wainfleet Ontario. One of the images was of this window which I called “Haunted Window”. Later that year the PC is was using for my photography work failed and about 80 images that were not backed up (a hard lesson learned) were lost, including the original image of this window. A small jpg was still available and has been on my site for quite some time. I have received quite a few requests for this print but was unable to offer it to customers as the print file was gone. I recently re-shot the window and can now offer this print to those who are interested. The new print is called “Haunted Window II”.

Roy Thomson Hall

Roy Thomson Hall

This image of Roy Thomson Hall is a part of a collection of large images I am working on. This particular scene will be re-shot when the fountains are off. Click on the image to view a larger version.

View more pictures of Toronto on my main site

Shrine Our Lady of Lourdes Toronto

Shrine Our Lady of Lourdes

Few buildings have required as many repeat visits as the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes on Sherbourne just south of Bloor. There was always something preventing me from photographing this building. A car parked out front, a banner across the pillars, the lights not on behind the pillars etc. The lights being on in this case is essential as the undercover and doors fall in very dark shadows early in the morning without them on. The second image below shows the dome.

Shrine Our Lady of Lourdes on Sherbourne Toronto

 More pictures of Toronto on my main website.

Sunnyside Pavilion Toronto

Sunnyside Pavilion Toronto

The Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion in Toronto can be seen from Lakeshore Drive. A favourite place for many Toronto residents to spend some time at the lakes edge and at the pool. With its wonderful architecture and facilities, Sunnyside is also a popular location for weddings and events. I believe this building was constructed in the late 1800’s. This photograph required a fair amount of thought during the composition process as the structure is quite wide and there is a limited amount of space in front of it. Click on the above image to see a larger version.




Strong Back Lighting

Black and white photography

I suppose this image would be considered an abstract with its crossing lines and strong backlighting from the sun. Taken on King Street here in Toronto.

I set out to get a photograph of the ladder on top of Roy Thomson hall. (below) It seems that some other items made their way into the picture as well.

Roy Thomson Hall Ladder

Duotone Photography Prints

Duotone photography prints

Part of the process I use in creating my black and white prints is creating a duotone file of the image I’m working with. The above photograph of the Quantex Technologies building shows what the image looks like in duotone. The original photograph had full detail in the trees that surround the building and as I frequently do I use a technique call burning which darkens the selected area. Burning to make parts of the photograph darker and dodging to make them lighter is a process that is used in the dark room while developing film. With digital images the process while different is similar in nature. While I don’t use Photoshop to manipulate images I do use the features that emulate the tools used in a dark room.

Three Pillars

Pillars on Front Street Toronto

Union Station Statue Toronto

Union Station Statue Toronto

This statue, located at Toronto’s Union Station is passed by millions of people every year. The photograph was taken as the sun was coming up to catch the mood of this Toronto icon. This photo is available as a 16 x 20 print. Larger sizes are available upon request.

Department of Household Science Building

Department of Household Science building Toronto

As I have in other photographs with people in them, this image was composed and then I simply waited until the scene unfolds as I had envisioned it for the building. The right combination of no other people, no cars, lighting, which changes frequently during the waiting period and timing of the moving subject all contribute to the resulting photograph. In this case the wait time was about 45 minutes which seems to be typical.

If you’re walking around Toronto early in the morning and you catch the scent of pipe tobacco, take a look around, it may be me just waiting. -AB-

Gardiner Museum Toronto

Gardiner Museum Toronto

The Gardiner Museum in Toronto.

Seaton Butcher Shop on Queen Street

Seaton Butcher Shop on Queen Street Toronto

The Seaton Butcher Shop on Queen Street is one of my favourite store fronts in Toronto. It’s one of those locations that I have thought about photographing for years but for what ever reason never got around to it. This image will be posted on soon. -AB-

Osgoode Hall

Osgoode Hall Toronto black and white print

Osgoode Hall is a wonderful building that I have admired for years. In this photograph which was taken just before 6am the lights shining on the windows behind the pillars worked to my advantage as they would otherwise be shaded at that time of the morning. This print is available in a square format and a wider format. The wider version can be viewed on

Below is a photograph of the sculpture at Trinity Square in Toronto. I will be shooting again at this location in the next month or so.

Sculpture at Trinity Square

Ryerson Athletics Toronto

Ryerson Athletics entrance Toronto

The Ryerson Athletics building entrance is a prime example of a hidden treasure of Toronto architecture. Unless you have attended Ryerson University you would probably not be aware of this unique structure which quietly sits almost a stones throw from Toronto’s bustling Yonge Dundas square. I stumbled upon this location in the summer of 2010 while observing the Egerton Ryerson statue (below).

Statue of Egerton Ryerson Toronto

Yonge And King

Yonge And King

The busy corner of Yonge and King sits quiet early in the morning.

This image and others can be seen on

Saint James And Tower

Saint James and Tower

This photograph, “Saint James and Tower” will be posted on soon. -AB-

Todmorden Mills

Todmorden Mills Toronto

The Todmorden Mills smoke stack can be seen from the Don Valley Parkway and is a Toronto landmark. This well know structure is surrounded by old buildings and pathways frequented by residents and visitors alike.

Canadian Bank of Commerce

Canadian Bank of Commerce on King Street in Toronto

Two years ago I photographed this building but at that time it had a City of Toronto garbage container in front with an advertisement for a real estate company on it. In my view the container ruined the look of this classic bank structure. Last summer (2010) this building was covered with scaffolding while repairs to the front of the building were being done. I know this because I stopped by numerous times to see if the work had been completed. I was pleased to see that this year the work has been completed and the garbage container is gone (at least for now) which created an ideal opportunity to once again photograph this great building on King Street in Toronto.

This image will be offered as a square print in different sizes and will soon be added to the gallery on -AB-

Behind Canada Life Building

behind canada life building TorontoThis photograph will be re shot in the next couple weeks with a ladder so I can get a little higher then the trees. In doing this more of the bridge will show. Also there are some spots of snow showing on the ground. Weather permitting I should be able to get the final image within a week.

Your Favourite Building In Toronto

University Of Toronto

University Of Toronto

Early spring is the ideal time of year for photographing urban architecture. The deciduous trees still have no leaves so scenes where the trees leaves block part of a building during the summer are open and easier to photograph. The image above called “U of T Walking” is a prime example (click on image to enlarge). There is a short window of 2 or 3 weeks where there is no snow and no leaves so the question here is “What is your favourite building in Toronto”. There are so many hidden architecture treasures within this city and I would love to have some feed back and suggestions that I can add to my list of potential locations.

The person who submits the best location suggestion (decided by me) will receive the first print at no cost.

Visit the Contact page on my site or call me at 1-866-771-ANDY (2639).

I look forward to hearing from you. -AB-

Shooting Black and White Landscapes

For years I would drive around the countryside looking for scenes suitable for creating an attractive photograph. Unlike my architecture photography which I prefer to shoot early in the morning as the morning light and lack of people are best suited for that type of photography my landscape work was done at all hours of the day. I would drive around Ontario sunroof open, windows down with a sense of creative adventure frequently pulling over to investigate a potential scene to photograph. Sadly about 80 top-level prints from this time were lost in what I call “A Digital Disaster”. fortunately the above image named “Tall Sky Tree” was not on the hard drive that failed. Maybe this summer I will venture out into the countryside and seek out some new places to photograph…yeah I think I will.

 (Click on the image to view a larger size.)