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El Mocambo Sign on Spadina Toronto

El Mocambo sign on Spadina Toronto

Not all landmarks in Toronto are buildings or monuments. The El Mocambo sign is indeed a landmark and the bar itself is rich with music history. Big bands ranging from the Rolling Stones to U2 have played there over the years so the El Mocambo sign represents many memories for those who frequented the El Mocambo. I personally have memories of the El Mocambo and it’s steep staircase at the back of the building. As I have mentioned in previous posts, “back in the day”, meaning the 80’s, I was working in the sound, and staging business. I remember loading in and out of the upstairs via the back staircase which was never something I looked forward to.

The print above is 10×15 inch and is available in larger sizes if desired.


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