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Your Favourite Building In Toronto

University Of Toronto

University Of Toronto

Early spring is the ideal time of year for photographing urban architecture. The deciduous trees still have no leaves so scenes where the trees leaves block part of a building during the summer are open and easier to photograph. The image above called “U of T Walking” is a prime example (click on image to enlarge). There is a short window of 2 or 3 weeks where there is no snow and no leaves so the question here is “What is your favourite building in Toronto”. There are so many hidden architecture treasures within this city and I would love to have some feed back and suggestions that I can add to my list of potential locations.

The person who submits the best location suggestion (decided by me) will receive the first print at no cost.

Visit the Contact page on my site or call me at 1-866-771-ANDY (2639).

I look forward to hearing from you. -AB-


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