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Street Car Lines And Hydro Wires

Street car lines and hydro wires are a challenge when photographing urban architecture. The image above of the MARS building on College shows how these lines can adversely affect the look of an image if they are not positioned in a pleasing manner. While taking this photograph I tried to line up the street car line to the upper horizontal ledge of the building while keeping the rest of the composition in mind. While on location that seemed to be a reasonable solution but once I saw the image I knew it wasn’t quite right. What needs to happen here is the street car line should be lined up with the lower or middle horizontal line. To do this I will need to be elevated about 10 feet using a ladder with my tripod mounted on the side. I believe the end result will minimize the street car lines and pull the cross street line lower to a less intrusive position. Some may say, well why don’t you just use Photoshop to eliminate the wires and save all the bother. I don’t work that way! When you purchase one of my prints the image is as seen and has not been manipulated. If this photograph had no street car lines you would know that it was a manipulated image and I feel that takes away from the authentic feel of an architecture photograph. Look for the revised version of this photograph in the coming weeks.


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