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Balance And Light

The image above is of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal which is part of the ROM. This is not a finished image but it’s close to what I want to get from this site. I want the morning light to be shinning from behind the scene as it is here but with a more balanced sky. The other flaw is the construction cones and signs lining the streets. Frequently multiple attempts are needed to get the exact look and feel of a photograph. I suspect several more trips will be needed on this one.

Creating a balance within the image is important as well. The image below has a slight imbalance due to the building on the left but I think the overall look still works. As in the ROM shot strong light from above gives a fresh and striking look.

TD Towers

In a similar style image with strong light coming from behind the scene, the photo below of the Graphic Arts Building allows the center building to be the dominant part of the image. The girl running past the building gives the image a human aspect and adds percpective. This is a finished image and will be posted on soon.

Graphic Arts Building Toronto


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